Private Pottery Masterclass


Duration: 2 hours
Location: Mount Lawley

These private pottery classes have been designed for the experienced potter who wishes to extend their skill to the next level.  Examples of masterclasses include:

  • Creating a two piece slip casting mold for example handles for cups
  • Making your own porcelain slip from raw materials (be in complete control of the way you wish your clay to perform!)
  • Creating perfect slip through understanding the slip chemistry and the importance of specific gravity, viscosity and particle distribution
  • Creating durable glazes for tableware that is perfectly matched (through understanding glaze chemistry and clay body chemistry) to your clay body.
  • Kiln firing skills to ensure work is fully vitrified and safe for tableware use

These classes can be tailored to the exact skills you would like to learn.


All pottery classes and workshops are held in Felicity’s home studio in Mount Lawley