Ceramic bowls – Deep: Karri Collection


Handmade ceramic bowls.  Various shades stained Australian porcelain, clear semi-gloss glaze

Extra large bowl: 32cm x 10cm: $130

Large deep bowl: 24cm x 7cm: $80
Perfect for serving share meals such as salads, vegetable and pasta

Medium deep bowl: 17cm x 6cm: $40
The perfect everyday cereal bowl or for individual desserts.

Small deep bowl: 10cm x 4cm: $29
Perfect for accompaniments such as cream, dips, or sugar for coffee

Set of 4:  $260

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Karri (eucalyptus diversicolour) – Gum tree in the rain

Hiking through the majestic Karri Forest in the rain, the karri trees’ breathtaking beauty becomes even greater, as the rain accentuates the smooth variations of greys, greens and creams, it is truly Eucalyptus Diversicolour.

Each piece has been created using a slipcasting technique in which you pour liquid clay into a handmade plaster mold to eventually create a hollow form.

The interior is glazed whilst the exterior is left raw creating a beautiful contrast in light and tactility. Each piece has been entirely made by hand creating subtle differences and a beautiful organic aesthetic.

The pieces have been designed to use every day, being high-fired for maximum durability and dishwasher and microwave safe. However care should be taken with the rims and extreme change is temperature.

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Collection of 4, extra large, large, medium, small


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