Private clay classes – 5 sessions


Would you love to do clay classes but can’t commit to a 6 week course?  This is designed for you!

Private Classes consist of 5 x 1.5 hour classes whenever suits you.  Classes do not have to be done on consecutive weeks and never expire and are suitable for complete beginners through to advanced ceramicists.

Classes can be tailored to any area of clay work you wish to explore including slip casting, hand building or wheel work.  For example a private slip casting course may look like below:

Week 1 – Mold Making: 1.5 hours
During this lesson we build a model out of clay from which to make a plaster mold.  This could be a cup, bowl, platter.  Or you can bring a particular piece in and we may be able to make a plaster mold from that.

Week 2 – Slip making: 1.5 hours
This would cover all the basics and science behind slip, slip making, and casting and we would cast into the molds made last week.

Week 3 Casting:  1.5 hours
This week we would clean up the slip cast pieces from last week and also cast some more slip cast pieces.

Week 4:  1 hour
Glazing all our bisque fired pieces

Week 5:  1 hour
Finishing off pieces by sanding them back – this depends on what you are making.

A private course includes:
– 7.5 hours of tuition
– All material (except for stains and underglazes as there are so many colours to choose from)
– Bisque and glaze firing
– And hopefully at least 6 or so pieces and also the molds to keep creating the pieces.

The cost for the private course is $450 and class times can be scheduled Monday – Friday between 9 and 2:30.


All pottery classes are run at The Gather Studio, Felicity’s home studio in Mount Lawley.